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We here at BITE Consulting are passionate about saving money (especially for our lovely customers). What better way to save costs than on promotions / discounts?. We publish promotions / discounts / any deals on this page. We hope that you find them to be useful

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Ways to make a bit of extra cash online

 Times are tough. Automation is making jobs obsolete. The world is a lot smaller than it used to be, the internet has raised people’s awareness of products and services and now they have a plethora of options. Good, money-making ideas are shared instantly and markets become saturated a lot quicker than in the past. Being the first to market, no longer means staying on top, one has to keep evolving and adapting to stay ahead (and sometime s even just to even survive).


 With the global economy on a knife-edge, it’s always nice to have an extra source of income. As with most things, the internet is bursting with money-making opportunities. I’m not referring to “I am the long lost prince of Nigeria and I need your banking details” scams, I am referring to legitimate money making ideas.

 Most legitimate sources of income are either region-locked (specific to the US, Canada or UK) or require so much time / bandwidth investment that it’s not worth it. We have seen reports of people earning over ZAR 6000 a month with these, but they were all based in the States. Don’t waste your time or bandwidth on any apps / sites that you see that promise cash for watching ads; the legitimate ones, again, are location-based and the others are NORMALLY scams. Please use common sense – search for the app name, check reviews from trusted sources (Play Store, iStore etc). Also, be careful what permissions apps ask for – why would an ad viewing app require access to your microphone?

 BITE Consulting has scrounged the internet looking for legitimate, viable opportunities of extra income to share. Remember, these may be legitimate sources, but until further notice, they are not profitable enough to make a living off of or to retire from. These additional sources of income are just that; additional sources of income, that give you an extra buck back, and nowadays, every little bit helps.


  • Grabpoints

Grabpoints is basically an app that allows you to earn points in a variety of ways. These include completing surveys, watching videos, downloading apps and even reading a web page! As well as a few other things. Payouts can be done in a variety of formats (Google Credits, Paypal, Steam, Facebook Credits).

Grabpoints Promo codes

We haven’t completed enough surveys, watched enough ads or read enough websites to accumulate enough points for a cash-out, but we’ve only heard good things about Grabpoints, their support team is helpful and we are confident that everything is completely above board.

We just recently got our first payout from this, so it is completely legit!!!

 Click the image below to install:



  • Mcent Browser

 Mcent Browser is one those apps that rewards you for doing what you already do – surf the internet. By downloading this app and browsing, viewing videos, bookmarking and downloading files. You can transfer your points to your account when they reach 1000. When you have enough in your account, you can transfer this to real airtime. Admittedly not going to make you a bajillion overnight, but will help at month end when you need to squeeze out some airtime.

Mcent Browser codes

 Click the image below to install:



  • SnapnSave

Local is lekker, and this app is by far our favourite. Maybe it’s patriotic bias, or that 99% of shops are on the app or maybe it’s the fact that it you are able to get stacks of money back from it. How does it work? Once signed up, you get a list of deals for that period (normally in the form of cashback). If you like the deal you book it (say it’s ZAR 1,20 when you purchase a 1 L milk), thereafter you have 48 hours wherein you have to purchase that item. Once purchased, take a photo (Snap) of your till slip (it can be from any major retailer, garage, almost any store). Once they verify that the slip is okay and that you actually purchased the item, they update your wallet with that amount (ZAR 1,20) . When you reach enough on your wallet, you can cash out. The cash clears pretty quickly and voila (Save). Hence the name SnapnSave. Of course this can cost you an arm and a leg if you buy everything on the app just somer, but if you use it wisely and buy what you were buying anyways, it  becomes a handy way to have a bit of cash back in your wallet. Use the below link to get a little somethin’ somethin’ extra:

Snapnsave promo codes

 Click the image below to install and start getting cash back!


SnapnSave Promo codes 

Admittedly, none of these are really going to push your bank account into the seven digit realm, but as Einstein once said, "every little bit helps"

Okay, maybe he didn't say that, but it is still completely true and valid. Enjoy getting cashback

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